CHOCOLATEY, NUTTY ENERGY BITES - as featured of GymPro Apparel

I made these nutty, chocolatey energy bites for my class mates to get us through our exam & they went down a treat!

I posted the recipe on my @eatwithells instagram and it was also shared by the amazing team at GymPro Apparel...

High in protein, they're a great swap to get in your mid afternoon sweet treat!

(MAKES 20)


2 tablespoons Crunchy nut butter, 

150g Soaked pitted dates, 

1 cup flaked almonds, 

2 Cups Jumbo Oats, 

1 table spoon of chia seeds,

 Splash of Almond Milk (until sticky),

 2 table spoons of Raw Cacao Powder (or more to make it super chocolatey) 

1 table spoon of hemp powder/protein powder (optional)


1. Leave your pitted dates to soak in room temperature water for 10 minutes to make them super sticky and then drain!

2. In a food processor (mines broken hence the clumpy dates) or in a mixing bowl combine all the ingredients adding more almond milk until sticky and gooey! 

3. Roll into equal sized balls and leave in the fridge for 20-30 minutes!


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