You'll never guess the secret ingredients to these luxurious gooey brownies...

These brownies are another new favourite of mine and you can top them with your favourite toppings to make them best for you! A healthy treat for the whole family to enjoy ...

Perfect pairing to your ice cream fix after dinner or sweet afternoon pick me up!

These can be tailored to your taste making them Vegan, Non-vegan, Gluten Free or not (and I've included those options in the recipe)

>Makes 9<

Ingredients: - 1 cup flour of your choice (I made almond flour) - 1 big beetroot (I must admit, cheated and bought a pre-cooked vacuum pack) - 6 tablespoons of agave syrup (or honey/maple) - 2 bananas

- 6 tablespoons of raw (organic) cacao powder - 4 table spoons of soaked chia seeds (or 2 eggs - not vegan)

Optional Ingredients/Toppings:

(I used) - flaked almonds - raspberries

- almond butter

Method: • preheat the oven at 250 degrees

• cook and peel the beetroot • peel the bananas • combine all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl or food processor (if you use a food processor don’t add your additional ingredients just yet, stir them through after combined

• line a small baking tray with coconut oil or baking paper and spread the mixture through evenly • turn the oven to 180 degrees and allow to bake for 20-25 minutes • once cooked allow to cool completely and dribble your almond butter over them and add any additional toppings!

• Cut them into squares and enjoy :)

I used almond butter but chilli jam is also a MUST! I've also tried swapping raspberries for blueberries, almond butter for peanut butter and flaked almonds for cacao nibs and dark chocolate chips and every single variation has been a HIT!

Can't wait to hear what you think! Happy Sunday :)

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